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The rain tolong aku vc trinity
The Rain Tolong Aku Vc Trinity  05 April 2012
 Trinity Optima Production
Tolong aku
Tolong Aku  21 November 2009
The rain tolong aku
The Rain Tolong Aku  06 December 2010
 Yus Hulu Langat
Campaign com the rain tolong aku
Campaign Com The Rain Tolong Aku  09 July 2015
 Campaign #forchange
The rain tolong aku live konser cianjur 15 mare
The Rain Tolong Aku Live Konser Cianjur 15 Mare  21 September 2015
 18 Production - Konser Musik Indonesia
The rain tolong aku editted clip by saya
The Rain Tolong Aku Editted Clip By Saya  03 October 2012
 Hafizi Samat

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