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Lagu enrekang duri
Lagu Enrekang Duri  24 July 2011
 Sagiman Iman
Lagu duri enrekang
Lagu Duri Enrekang  28 July 2011
 Sagiman Iman
Lagu duri sabbarako bene lagu enrekang
Lagu Duri Sabbarako Bene Lagu Enrekang  27 January 2017
 Bugis Tube
Lagu duri enrekang pea muane sala kedo
Lagu Duri Enrekang Pea Muane Sala Kedo  24 July 2011
 Sagiman Iman
Lagu enrekang duri buntu baroko
Lagu Enrekang Duri Buntu Baroko  25 June 2015
 Aprilia Pasapan
Lagu duri cawi
Lagu Duri Cawi  30 May 2015
 Ardian Sadtana

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