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Judika setengah mati merindu
Judika Setengah Mati Merindu  22 March 2011
Dugem house music
Dugem House Music  25 September 2007
Boom shakatak new dj diar m2000 my way club pamanu
Boom Shakatak New Dj Diar M2000 My Way Club Pamanu  05 April 2017
 Dj Diar My Way Club Pamanukan
Funk battle mix freedom party dyah wulan dj angg
Funk Battle Mix Freedom Party Dyah Wulan Dj Angg  24 October 2016
 Deejay Angga
Dj wali emang dasar arda remix
Dj Wali Emang Dasar Arda Remix  16 December 2014
 Andi Gaul
Fiky cinta tak mengenal perbedaan
Fiky Cinta Tak Mengenal Perbedaan  26 July 2013
 Rf Hlc

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