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Hot lubang jalan bitung plp
Hot Lubang Jalan Bitung Plp  06 June 2017
 Dua Jiwa
Evher salikara yuli gadis batu lubang bassgilan
Evher Salikara Yuli Gadis Batu Lubang Bassgilan  05 January 2017
 Iyan Dlavanam
Remix music bitung goyang ajm bitung evher salik
Remix Music Bitung Goyang Ajm Bitung Evher Salik  05 November 2017
 Music Remix Bitung
Hidden paradise episode lembeh bitung north sula
Hidden Paradise Episode Lembeh Bitung North Sula  15 August 2013
 Kautsar Widi
Party bitung bassgilano
Party Bitung Bassgilano  06 November 2016
 Ion Cupankk
Bitung indonesia 1
Bitung Indonesia 1  14 January 2009

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