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Nagit bagoyang sampe basuar
Nagit Bagoyang Sampe Basuar  04 November 2015
 Teuku Abuproud Loraf Izar
Bagoyang sampe basuar
Bagoyang Sampe Basuar  19 April 2013
 Ebby Zhu
Bagoyang manoso
Bagoyang Manoso  09 October 2015
 Antonius Japjance Pareira
Ayie feat maya music bambu ceria
Ayie Feat Maya Music Bambu Ceria  04 November 2015
 Teuku Abuproud Loraf Izar
Hanny tuheteru mari bagoyang
Hanny Tuheteru Mari Bagoyang  04 August 2016
 Pelita Utama
Gudang mc mari bagoyang
Gudang Mc Mari Bagoyang  13 August 2015
 Gudang Mc

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